Who Doesn’t Love a Treasure Hunt

Who doesn’t love the thrill of a treasure hunt? People have been finding treasure along the midcoast for centuries, though nowadays most of the finds are in antique stores and specialty shops rather than on shipwrecks.

For Linda and Louis Cataldo of Wicked Good Treasure at 770 Bath Road in Wiscasset, the treasure hunt still takes them up and down the coast. Taking inspiration from such television shows as Storage Wars, the Cataldos have turned a love for treasure hunting into a thriving new business. They source and bid on storage pods and other lots at auction, without knowing in advance what they might find inside. Sometimes they find treasure, such as in the case of one of their favorite finds, a beautiful selection of Tiffany style lampshades now on display in their thrift and antique store. When the findings don’t measure up to the standards of the retail floor, items are donated or passed on through other lot sales.

Industrious bargain hunters themselves, they’ve found many creative ways to find bargains and to find ways to pass them on to their customers. They buy lots of returned goods from larger retailers, and market their wares both in their store and through online platforms such as Amazon and Facebook Marketplaces.

Tiffany style lamps, one of their best finds

Wiscasset’s location at the crossroads of many well-traveled routes was part of what appealed to them about opening Wicked Good Treasure here. The Cataldos enjoy sourcing up and down the state, but making Wiscasset their home put them only about a 40 minute drive from destinations north, south and west. They enjoy the smaller town lifestyle of the mid-coast, but are only a short drive from their son’s family in Portland.

Wicked Good Treasures on Route 1 in Wiscasset

The Cataldos may be new to the Village, but they’ve traveled the mid-coast for years before relocating here, so while they are getting to know their neighbors, they know their mid-coast neighborhood and can offer visitors recommendations along whatever route they choose to explore. Their friendly and hospitable manner will make any visitor feel welcomed by a longtime local. They hope to enjoy a robust summer season and be able to grow in their space next winter, as they have this winter.


This story part of series by Friends of Wiscasset to highlight local businesses. Visit the Friends of Wiscasset’s facebook page for more information on local businesses. This article was written by Elizabeth Palmer. Other articles in this series include:

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