Weekly Stays This Spring

We know lots of people are excited to get out and visit friends and family now that vaccinations are speeding up. We’ve got the perfect solution for anyone looking for an inexpensive and safe way to spend quality time with the ones they love. We’ve opened a limited number of rooms for weekly stays from now until May 27th when we open for the regular season.

Or weekly rate is $400 for a room or $450 for a suite. To keep the prices low and because we haven’t opened fully for the season, weekly rates will not include breakfast. The rooms do have a microwave and fridge, coffee pots are available upon request.

To see if you’re able to travel to Maine and find out all we’re doing to keep our guests safe, check out our Covid-19 update.

We have some of our cottage rooms as well as our motel rooms available.

To book your room call us at (207) 882-7137. Weekly rooms cannot be booked online.

To book a room for the summer click here.

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