Maine has the Most Breweries per Capita

Well, we’ve finally made it. We now more more breweries per capita than Vermont, Montana, Oregon and Colorado. We have one brewery for every 8,710 people or 155 breweries total. The closest runner up, Vermont, has one brewery for every 9,166 people or 68 breweries total.

You can feel the growth of the microbreweries. Most of the breweries listed on the map below have opened their doors since we bought the hotel 6 years ago. Bath Ale Works is currently under construction and within walking distance of our hotel. In 2013 Maine had just 35 breweries, 120 breweries were built in just 8 year.

Love beer and want to explore some breweries on your next trip to Maine? The Maine Brewer’s guild has just the tool to help. It lets you sort through Maines 155 microbreweries based on region, whether it has outdoor seating, whether it offers food, whether it’s family friendly, etc… It then creates a map for your trip.

Here’s a map I created of the microbreweries closest to our hotel in Wiscasset.

Have fun exploring Maine and enjoying our local brews. Our hotel is the perfect base to center your beer adventure around as you can enjoy Maine’s beaches, lighthouses and museums along with their beers.

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