The Hiking Trail at Wiscasset Woods

One of the many things that makes our hotel so unique is our hiking trail winding through our 8 acres of woodlands.

The bench on the trail at Wiscasset Woods Lodge
The trail cut through downed trees

When we bought the hotel there was no trail. I remember our first foray into the woods on our property. I was amazed that anyone ever settled in Maine in the early days as the woods are dense and you’re constantly going over trees.

trail sign to fire pit and motel

We bought a chain saw and Eric went to work building our trail. It was the middle of the winter and when the spring came we discovered that our property was wetter than we knew and we’d built the trail through some boggy areas. so Eric had to rebuild parts of the trail.

Tree roots
Eric in front of the roots of one of the trees we lost in the storm

Our second year there was a terrific ice storm that took down trees and powerlines through out the state. Leaving many people without power for weeks. We lost over two dozen trees in that storm. Eric had to get out and reroute the trail around some of the pies of trees.

trail signs on tree

In the summer the ferns are so prolific that we have to use a weedwhacker to keep the trail open.

trail through dense ferns

Humans aren’t the only ones that use our trail. We find that wildlife use it as well. Turkeys and deer are frequent users.

Turkeys passing the motel building on the way to the trail
Turkeys walking to the trail head
our woods at sunrise
The goat at Wiscasset Woods

Many of our guests take the trail through the woods to come to breakfast or sit out with a cup of coffee.

But perhaps the people that love our trail the most are kids and dogs…. and an occasional goat.

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